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Ruonh Rorm
Teacher, Svay Chek

Rom is the fourth child of 10 siblings of a farming family born in Trav village, Svay Chek commune, Angkor Thom district, Siem Reap province. Ruohn was born into a large, poor  farming family.  He wanted to go to a monastery to have an opportunity to study and he dreamed of becoming an engineer.  He was unable to pursue studies at the monastery as he wanted because he, and his brothers had to work to help their parents farm.  However, he attended the school in his village and went on to study in Puok district, where he successfully completed high school.  After gradution, Rom very worked hard to continue his studies and graduated with a bachelor's degree in English literature.


Rom passed the exam as a Public Teacher and started his career teaching full-time in the public school system in 2012, where he continues to this day. In addition to teaching in the public school system,  Rom also has taught English to children in his village with Keo Keoung. 


Rom  spends his free time growing vegetables, crops and raising animals, and this is his personal hobby.


In 2014, Rom married his wife, Pak Srey Pich, and while they yet do not have children, have made life better for many of the children in their commune. 


The special thing that you should know about Rom is his desire for people to value each other. Rom always values ​​everyone, no matter what their conditions. Rom understands that valuing each other shows the importance of friendship, empathy, trust and good communication.


The main reason why Rom participates in helping to develop and educate the children in his community is because he has experienced many hardships and has seen the difficulties that come to those who are less educated. This has always made Rom want to work hard and given him a desire to share the knowledge he has to improve the lives of others. 


 In addition, Rom wants to see his people find access to good human resources, through hard work, learning and understanding the evolution of society.


Rom feels that through his study experience and the knowledge he gained  significantly changed and improved his family life. It has given him the knowledge and courage to help improve his people, and confidence to express opinions on various social issues and encourage others help improve the lives of the Khmer people.  


Rom is very happy to be involved in imparting knowledge, and sharing his experience with others and always feels he does, he gains more knowledge back.

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