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Our next project-a new school in Baray!

Let me introduce you to Cultivating Cambodia’s next project. We are currently in the approval processes to build a new school in the Baray commune in Siem Reap. This school currently has three classes, with about 30 students each, taught by Tien Noeurm. Tien is the youngest of 8 children. Her parents and older siblings survived the genocide of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. This regime killed a third of the Cambodian people—mostly the educated, those affiliated with the government or the royal family. When Tien was young, all she wanted to do was to go to school. Her siblings and parents discouraged her because they felt is was dangerous should the Khmer Rouge regain power. Her family was poor and didn’t have the funds for her to attend school. She begged her parents and asked to go. She told them that if they would let her go to school, she would gather firewood, fish or frogs, everyday on her way to or from school to help the family. They agreed, and she was able to go. When she graduated from High School, her family wanted her to get married, and stop pursuing her education—again, because they didn’t have money. She found scholarships and went to college. She became a school teacher for the public school system. She started free English classes at her home after school. She has three one hour classes, with about 30

students each hour—from 5-8 p.m. every weekday. After I visited her school in July, it school was torn down by the authorities in the area. After long negotiations with ASPARA by our team administrator, Rottana Sy, we are now able to rebuild this much needed school. Right now, her classroom is a makeshift set of tarps. Want in on this awesome project? Visit our website or contact me personally. The anticipated cost of this project is $6,000.00 If you wish to make a donation toward this project, you can do so either through the website (we have an agreement with PayPal) or you can send check to our office.

A second language makes all the difference in the lives of these kids! Help make a difference today! Our schools are working, and changing the future of our kids. Check out our website ( today!

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