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Our recent visit to the Bavel school

It is a buzz with eager students! We had fun testing their english, and the enjoyed quizzing me in Khmer! When we met with the secondary school aged kids, we played a question/answer game where I would ask them questions in english, and they would answer in english. When they answered correctly, they would ask me a question in Khmer and I had to answer in kind. If I answered correctly (they were very lenient), then I could asked another question. They won this game hands down, and we knew they would--thanks to our great teacher, Vida Orn! Toward the end of our visit, I asked the students if they had any questions for me. One student stood up and asked me a long question in khmer, which Vida's translated for me. Vida told me that the student was worried because she was graduating from secondary school and going to high school next year, and would be enrolled in our english class because we don't offering a course for the high school students. She asked me if I would please consider having a class for the high school students. I responded, "If Mr. Vida would agree to teach another class and if there was enough interest, we would provide a class for the high school students." At which point, all of the students stood up and clapped. I guess this means what we are doing is working! If you want to help support this school, contact us today!

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