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Voeun Vann
Teacher, Svay Chek

Vann was born in 1986 to a poor farming family in Preah Ko village, Svay Chek commune, Angkor Thom district, Siem Reap province. He has eight siblings. As a child, Vann wanted to become a policeman and wanted to study law. In 1999, Vann started attending schools at Wat Dol, the pagoda where his brother had been buried.  Here, Vann continued his education until the 10th grade. Due to the difficult living conditions, Vann was forced to drop out of school to work burning and preparing fields. In 2008, Vann went with his brother to work in Thailand as a construction worker. But challenges at home and needing to care for his parents, he returned home. He continued to work in the fields and in the villages near his home. In 2009, Vann joined the village, district, and commune Administration, earning only $15 a month. He worked there for three years, but needing to improving living conditions for his family, he quit and went back to work as a construction worker.


Vann is a person who likes to share his knowledge and teach others. His desire to hel others was noticed but Keo Koeung and Soeuy Nhanh, who asked him to help them teach English at the school they had built in their village. Vann had learned English while  studying at Wat Dol, and was able to teach the children in the village. 


Vann married to his wife, Samhar Tai, and they have four children, Vann Virak Ussah (2),  Vann Mono (3),  Vann Sokuntheary (4), and  Vann Sokuntheara who just arrived this year. 


Through many years of experience as a construction worker, Vann has gained expertise as a construction worker, and  constructed small houses in his area. He is an English teacher at Cultivating Cambodia, teaching two hours a day, five days a week.


The daily life of Vann and his family is not one of wealth.   He adheres to two main principles, honesty and helping others where and whenever they can. 


There are many reasons Vann works so hard in educating the younger generation. He feels that children who lack of proper education lead lives which are the result in making poor decisions,  inappropriate behavior, and lack of planning for their future. Vann values education and that it is key to their future success, and for them to have a decent standard of living.


Vann is very excited to be art of Cultivating Cambodias team and is very motivated and works hard to make sure that the next generation gets a better education.

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